Doncaster Council Coronavirus Update 21st October 2020
Doncaster Council Coronavirus Update 21st October 2020

Doncaster Council Coronavirus Update 21st October 2020

Posted in Whole school news on Thursday, 22nd October 2020


Dr Rupert Suckling

Hi, my name is Dr Rupert Suckling and I am the Director of Public Health in Doncaster.

As you may have already heard in the news, the South Yorkshire region, including Doncaster will be placed into the VERY HIGH Tier 3 of the Government’s new Coronavirus risk levels from Saturday.

This means that Doncaster has been placed in this highest category because our rate of infections are rising rapidly and doubling every week.

Our 7 day rate for 8-14 October was 262 per 100,000 people - a rise from the previous week, when the rate was 191 per 100,000 people. 

All age groups are affected by the infection rate rise so the virus is clearly in our communities, spreading and not halting.

Local COVID data

People in Doncaster must follow the new, stricter guidance:

  • No household mixing indoors so keep to your own household or bubble.
  • No mixing in private gardens outdoors.
  • You can still meet outdoors in some settings (parks, public gardens etc) but the 'rule of 6' still applies. Remember hands, face and space rules are still important outside and should be followed
  • Pubs and bars must close unless they operate as a restaurant within the guidelines.

There's more information on the guidelines on the council’s website here.

This rise in infections will inevitably mean that more people are being admitted into hospital. At hospitals in our region which are run by the Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust including Doncaster Royal Infirmary there are currently more than 150 people in hospital with several people needing intensive support including ventilators and more people are now testing positive and recovering at home.

Of course this is worrying news for Doncaster and like other parts of South Yorkshire, we all have to help bring the infection numbers down. Each of our 300,000 plus residents has responsibility to help and I would urge us all to make the right choice and help us to bring the rate down together.

Please follow the new guidance and help the NHS cope with the extra demands that being in this tier could bring.

I am monitoring the situation daily and will update you on how we are doing so please do your bit for Doncaster.

Thank you.

Dr Rupert Suckling

Director of Public Health

Tier 3 very high

A statement from Mayor Ros Jones

Mayor Ros Jones

Today’s announcement by the Government that South Yorkshire is to be escalated into the highest tier of the Coronavirus level to Very High or Tier 3 is one that will cause concern for people in Doncaster.

It is news that no one wanted to hear but there is an undeniable truth in that our infection rates are spiralling upwards; they are currently more than 260 per 100,000 people and continuing to rise.

I appreciate that being in this highest tier is not where we want to be as a borough and people have been working hard to keep our infection rates down and made a lot of sacrifices over the last few months. But we, like the rest of South Yorkshire, are in this category, for a reason – the infection rates are not going down or even levelling off. 

Very High Tier 3 will mean tighter restrictions for the borough and we must all collectively do our bit to get the infection rate down. I, along with other South Yorkshire leaders and the Sheffield City Region Mayor, have met with the Government to agree a package of financial support to boost the test and trace activity in our region and for local businesses to support them if they cannot trade.

Although, I accepted the need to go into restrictions collectively to stem the rise in infections, I argued successfully to ensure that local councils could individually come out of restrictions, if they met the necessary levels at the end of the four week period when the tier category will be reviewed.

I do want Doncaster to come out of this sooner rather than later so it is imperative we all work together to protect ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and the NHS. Equally I was keen to keep leisure centres and gyms open so that our residents are able to stay healthy. 

I would strongly urge everyone in the borough, whatever age, to follow the guidance to the letter to get us out of these stricter measures quicker – without your help, we cannot achieve this - so please Let’s Do it for Doncaster – together.

Thank you.

Ros Jones

Mayor of Doncaster

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