Doncaster Council Coronavirus Update 26th October 2020
Doncaster Council Coronavirus Update 26th October 2020

Doncaster Council Coronavirus Update 26th October 2020

Posted in Whole school news on Wednesday, 28th October 2020


Dr Rupert Suckling

Hi, my name is Dr Rupert Suckling and I am the Director of Public Health in Doncaster.

You will be aware, no doubt, that Doncaster is to go into the highest tier of the Government’s Coronavirus levels from tomorrow. This is solely due to our rate of infection in Doncaster rising rapidly, and today stands at 314 infections per 100,000 people for the period of the 10th-16th of October. So the Very High or Tier 3 placement for us is appropriate on Public Health grounds, albeit difficult news to hear.

I am seeing the virus touching all age groups so this is now a critical time for everyone to absolutely follow the guidance – no matter how old you are – and help to bring our rate down. The harsher restrictions are to help slow the infection rising. Our progress will be reviewed in four weeks’ time.

Local COVID data

We are seeing more people go into hospital with Coronavirus and sadly death rates increasing. So far, 302 people have died in Doncaster and my thoughts go out to family and friends of those who have passed.

We all have to behave responsibly and follow the guidance to protect ourselves, our families and the NHS. We are heading into winter when pressures will be felt by our NHS staff as they continue to care for people with COVID including those who are unfortunately needing the help of ventilators.

I would urge everyone to behave appropriately and to remember hands, face, space – the basics are critically important. If you do not follow the guidance then the infection rate will continue to rise. It is as simple as that – do the right thing and we will see the rate fall. You can find the guidance on the council’s website and on MyDoncaster social media channels.

If you do have symptoms then you must self-isolate and get a test. I am monitoring the infection rate daily and the Public Health team is helping our communities to tackle the virus from schools and care homes through to businesses and workplaces. The virus knows no boundaries so  please Let’s Do it for Doncaster so we can all stay safe and well. 

Thank you.

Dr Rupert Suckling

Director of Public Health

Tier 3 very high

What does Tier 3 mean?

New Restrictions are coming into place from tomorrow across Doncaster as we are moving into the VERY HIGH level of restrictions (tier 3 of the new Covid system). 

We all need to make sure that we understand the latest advice and must follow the new guidance in order to slow the spread across the borough:

  • No household mixing indoors so keep to your own household or bubble.
  • No mixing in private gardens outdoors.
  • You can still meet outdoors in some settings (parks, public gardens etc) but the 'rule of 6' still applies. Remember hands, face and space rules are still important outside and should be followed
  • Pubs and bars must close unless they operate as a restaurant within the guidelines.

You may still have further questions about the new tier of restrictions, so we've tried to answer as many as we can in our Very High Tier Frequently Asked Questions:


Very High FAQ's

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You can download the NHS COVID-19 app here:



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