Happy Summer Holidays!
Happy Summer Holidays!

Happy Summer Holidays!

Posted in Year 1/2 on Friday, 17th July 2020

The Key Stage 1 team would like to wish the children in Year 1 and 2 the happiest of SUMMER HOLIDAYS!

We have loved our time with you in Year 1 and 2 (even though it was cut a bit short!). You have made us laugh often, smile and sometimes cheer when you have shown us how brilliant you all are! 

To our Year 2:

We have been the luckiest teachers to have had you in our classes for two years. We have some wonderful memories of you in Key Stage 1. Seeing you gaze at the sharks at The Deep, watching you perform wonderfully in our Christmas shows, laugh as you stuck your heads inside dinosaurs mouths at the museum... we have loved watching you all grow. We would love to teach you forever but we know that you are all ready for the fun of Year 3. Your new teachers can't wait to meet you!

Thank you for the smiles you have put on our faces day after day.

You will all be amazing in Key Stage 2.

To our Year 1:

We have loved getting to know you this year and we can't wait for another year with you! We know you will love Miss Walker being a new part of our team- we bet you will welcome her with open arms. You have already impressed us so much with your learning and how brave you have all been when school ended a bit earlier than planned. Some of you have been back in school and Mrs Davies and Miss Limb are so proud of how you have adapted to our new way of working in school.

We can't wait to see what fun we will all have next year. 

Have a fantastic summer, everyone! Keep safe, play games, eat ice cream and make some memories with your families. 

From Miss Taylor, Mrs Davies, Miss Sayles, Miss Limb and Mrs Aiston

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