Maths with Parents feedback
Maths with Parents feedback
Maths with Parents feedback
Maths with Parents feedback

Maths with Parents feedback

Posted in Early Years on Tuesday, 8th October 2019

We have enjoyed exploring the different activities on Maths with Parents. 

Well done for all the children that have taken part. We have enjoyed reading your comments and looking at your photos.

Amber enjoyed finding things to put in the spaces. Amber enjoyed dipping her fingers in the paint

Amber " I found the number 7 and 5 hard"

Image preview

Rory went outside and found 10 stones in the garden. He came back and made sure there were 10 stones before we began the activity.

Rory can confidently count to 10.

Image preview

Seth really enjoyed being outside looking for items to fit in the boxes....where he struggled to find 10 things small enough he used his imagination and decided that an additional small stone could be a dinosaur egg for example so that each item was different.

Family comment: "We enjoyed taking part in this activity as a family. Frankie enjoyed the activity. Frankie asked if he could eat the fruit once we had finished."

Child comment: "I found the onion hard as I thought it was an apple.

I enjoyed it. It was fun guessing the potato and the tomato

Family: Oliver enjoyed the activity and it allowed him to describe the properties of a shape. He wanted to take this further by finding other objects in the house and describing what they are. He could tell me the 2 and 3 dimensional names for them.

Family: She loved this activity.
She did really well in identifying the same colour and counting them. 

Child: She enjoyed it so much that she kept asking to do it more

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