Picture News - Why do we need a census?
Picture News - Why do we need a census?

Picture News - Why do we need a census?

Posted in Year 1/2 on Sunday, 21st March 2021

Sunday 21st March is census day in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The survey provides a glimpse of life, which can be used by organisations to help make sure they provide the right services for people. The 2021 census in particular, will help us understand how coronavirus has affected everything from our health to our finances. Due to the pandemic, Scotland have decided to hold their census next year.

KS1 Focus

What is a survey?
Listen, think, share
• Think about how you travelled to school this morning. Did you walk, travel in the car or on a bus, cycle? Gather the responses from the children and share them on the board.
• Now we have collected that information, we can see how people in the class travel to school, which might be useful. It might help us know how many car parking spaces we need or if we need to collect any children from the bus. When we collect information like this, we call it a survey.
• Look at resource 1, which shares some examples of surveys. Can you think of any other examples of surveys? Have you ever seen a traffic survey taking place? Has the grown-up you are with ever filled in a survey at the doctors or the dentist?

Resource 1 - 22nd March.pdf
• For each survey example on resource 1, think about how the information is collected e.g. by asking questions, by counting. Why do you think the information from the survey might be useful?
• Have you ever taken part in a survey? What types of questions were you asked? What was the survey trying to find out?
• The information from surveys often helps people to make changes and improve things. Do you think this is a good idea?
A survey is used to collect information from people. The results from the survey might be used to make changes/improvements, check things are okay or keep a record of important and useful data.

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