Weekly Blog Friday 19th March 2021
Weekly Blog Friday 19th March 2021

Weekly Blog Friday 19th March 2021

Posted in Whole school news on Friday, 19th March 2021

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone for their contributions as part of our non-uniform day for Red Nose Day. We will update you on how much has been raised for Comic Relief on next Friday's weekly blog.

Mrs Jenkinson's last week at Mayflower

We are going to make every moment with Mrs Jenkinson count even more than usual next week, as it's her last week at Bawtry Mayflower. Although we won't be able to celebrate Mrs Jenkinson's retirement in our usual Mayflower way, we hope parents and children will help the staff to make her last week in school a memorable one.

Maths Superstars!

This week, Mrs Jenkinson presented each class with a trophy which will be awarded each day to a child in each class who has been a superstar in their Maths learning. The child who is chosen that day will then have the trophy on their desk for the following day. The trophy will be both a reminder of Mrs Jenkinson and also a reminder of how fantastic our children are with their Maths learning. Here are some of the children who have received the trophy this week - well done!

News from Reception

Reception wanted to share with everyone their fantastic work from their first week back last week. We didn't get chance to share it on last week's blog, but we promised the Reception children that we would share it this week.

The children were busy planting marigolds, tomatoes, cress and sunflowers. They all took turns to sow a seed and it has been their responsibility to water the seeds daily.

They also learned about the life and achievements of Sir Captain Tom Moore. The children looked at the different medals that he was awarded during the War, learning about what each of them represented. During the afternoon rainbow challenges the children painted, coloured and made their own medals using play doh.

School lunch menu for week commencing 22nd March 2021

Please see below for the school lunch menu for next week.

Boggledybook Children's Bookshop

Boggledybook Children's Bookshop is a local book retailer who currently has an online discount code - please see below for details of how to order plus the discount code

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