Weekly Blog Friday 5th March 2021 Part 2
Weekly Blog Friday 5th March 2021 Part 2

Weekly Blog Friday 5th March 2021 Part 2

Posted in Whole school news on Friday, 5th March 2021

News from home

Some of our parents have sent in photos of their children enjoying their favourite books on World Book Day.

Zara immersed herself in the world of Paddington Bear and did a great job with everything she created. Well done Zara!

Home Learning

The teachers would like to recognise the following children this week for their hard work and commitment:

Nursery & Reception

James H




Years 1 & 2







Years 3 & 4





Years 5 & 6







All the teachers would like to say a massive 'Well Done' to all the children for their continued dedication and hard work. All the staff are really looking forward to welcoming all the children back on Monday.

SIMS Parent App

Information was sent out some time ago regarding the SIMS Parent App. SIMS is a system that we use in school to hold important information about your child, including emergency contact details and medical information. The SIMS Parent App enables parents and carers to update their information themselves, rather than having to contact the school office. 

Invites were re-sent last week to those parents/carers who hadn't yet accessed the SIMS Parent App. We would appreciate it if you could please log in to the system, check your child's details and amend as necessary. It is really important that we always have the most up to date information on our systems and using SIMS Parent to update these details will ensure that this is always the case.

At the moment, you will still also have to update a change of email address or mobile phone number on ParentPay in addition to updating these details on SIMS Parent. However, we are hopeful that at some point in the near future the two systems will link and we will keep you updated on this.

School lunch menu for week commencing 8th March 2021

Please see below for the school lunch menu for next week.

Please remember that if your child wishes to move from school dinners to packed lunches or vice versa, we do require one weeks notice please. This is due to the cook placing her order well in advance.

If your child's ParentPay account has any arrears, we would appreciate it if these could be cleared prior to the children returning to school on Monday please. If you are experiencing any difficulties with payment, please contact Miss Argo in the school office to discuss further.

If you have logged into ParentPay today and your child usually has a school dinner but isn't currently attending school, you will have noticed that the system had charged you for meals that hadn't been taken. This was picked up in the school office first thing this morning and reported to ParentPay as an issue immediately. This issue has been rectified manually in the school office whilst we await a response from ParentPay. Please rest assured that this will continued to be monitored closely, particularly following any necessary work that ParentPay may undertake to rectify the issue behind the scenes. We apologise on behalf of ParentPay for any inconvenience caused.

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