Early Years Team

Early Years Team

What is your favourite children's story?

Mrs Mundy: My favourite story is a book by the author Julia Donaldson, it is called The Paperdolls. It is about a girl who makes five paper dolls and takes them for lots of different adventures. I enjoy it so much that I have brought a copy into school to share with the children!

Mrs Wood: The story that I enjoy the most is one that I know everyone will know, it's The Gruffalo. I love to share this story with the children because there are lots of fun activities that we can do in the classroom and outside, we love to go on a Gruffalo hunt!

Miss Hoggart: I love to share my favourite story The Rainbow Fish with the children in Foundation Stage. It is a story all about friendship and being kind to one another. The Rainbow Fish finds out that it is really important to share with your friends. I also love the illustrations in the book as they are really bright and colourful and shiny too!

Miss Lovett: I love reading to the children, ‘The Three little Pigs’ because it is a great story for the children to be involved in. They know the story well and enjoy pretending to be the big bad wolf! ‘ I’ll hoof and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!’

What is your favourite colour?

Mrs Mundy: Orange

Mrs Wood: Purple

Miss Hoggart: Blue

Miss Lovett: Blue

What is your favourite lesson to teach?

Mrs Mundy: I enjoy teaching Read, Write, Inc. Teaching children to read can give them the opportunities to learn in lots of different ways.

Mrs Wood: My favourite subject to teach is topic because I like to encourage the children to explore the world around them.

Miss Hoggart: PE is always a fun subject to teach! It is really good to see the children getting active and moving around. Developing children's motor skills is so important.

Miss Lovett: I enjoy teaching Topic and PE and I love exploring creativity and being active.

Do you have any hobbies?

Mrs Mundy: I love to go on long walks with my dog Dexter, especially to the seasideMrs Wood: I enjoy swimming to help me relax and keep fit.

Miss Hoggart: In my spare time I like to do lots of craft activities, I like to be creative and make gifts for my friends and family.

Miss Lovett: I enjoy spending time with my family, playing fun games/activities and going camping!

Year 1/2 team

Year 1/2 team

What is your favourite lesson to teach?

Mrs Davies: Science and Maths... and Art and Topic and Read Write Inc!

Miss Taylor: History, Geography, Art and Writing!

What is your favourite book?

Mrs Davies: I love to read and have lots of favourite books. At school my favourite book was Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl. I loved to read Guess How Much I Love You with my daughter when she was small. We both love all the Harry Potter books. But my favourite book is The Book Thief.

Miss Taylor: Reading is one of my favourite hobbies. When I was young I loved to read Mallory Towers by Enid Blyton and The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl. I like to read The Worst Witch books and Julia Donaldson stories to my class. At home I like to read Harry Potter.

What is your favourite place in the world?

Mrs Davies: I loved sitting on the beach in Mexico at night, watching the lightening over the Caribbean Sea. In England, I love to spend time in York because I love the history and culture. But most of all, I love to be at home with my family.

Miss Taylor: I love to travel! Before moving to Doncaster, I lived in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam where I worked as an English teacher. I also worked at a summer camp in New Hampshire, USA. I love to see new sights, meet new people and try new foods!

Year 3/4 team

Year 3/4 team

What is your favourite lesson to teach?

Mrs Pickersgill: I love teaching P.E because I am passionate about sports and have a competitive nature!

Miss Dunn: I enjoy teaching reading because I love that moment when you open a book and sink into it, you can escape from the world into a different time or place.

Mrs Ronan: I enjoy teaching maths because there are lots of fun and exciting elements to learn. I like how it can be used in everyday life to help children with different experiences they will face.

Miss Walsham: I love to teach world news. I enjoy finding out about the different things going on all over the world and exploring different cultures.  

Why do we love teaching? Here are our top 10 reasons.

1. We love to share our passion for reading, writing and learning.

2. Our pupils constantly surprise us.

3. To feel like our work has a purpose.

4. Our acting careers never took off (just kidding).

5. School is the one place where we share ideas purely for the sake of bettering ourselves.

6. It is a fun, creative outlet.

7. To see the world from all the different perspectives of our children.

8. We are good at it (most of the time).

9. The feeling of accomplishment seeing students grow in knowledge, confidence and skills.

10. It gives us a valid excuse to correct people’s grammar.

Year 5/6 team

Year 5/6 team

What is your favourite lesson to teach?

Mrs Parkes: I love teaching writing because it allows children to express their creativity. 

Mrs Wood: Maths is my favourite subject! I love finding different ways of calculating and making links between different areas of maths. I also love teaching music, especially singing!

Miss Walker: I enjoy teaching the creative subjects such as art and DT. I also love to teach reading and sharing new books with the children.

What is your favourite book?

Mrs Parkes: I really enjoy reading Eren by Simon Clark with the children. It is very mysterious and the children really enjoy the spooky atmosphere that is created throughout the book.

Mrs Wood: Probably Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl as it's the first book that got me hooked into reading at Primary School. 

Miss Walker: I love the Beatrix Potter collection. My favourite is the Peter Rabbit story. 

Mrs Jenkinson - Executive Head teacher

Mrs Jenkinson - Executive Head teacher

What is your favourite food? 

I like most things but I really love Thai food.

What are your favourite sweets? 

Midget gems and American hard gums.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love spending time with my family; going on holidays and of course reading books! I read all the time - it's my favourite way of relaxing 

What is your favourite book?

When I was little I loved reading Enid Blyton books - the Famous Five, The Secret Seven and Mallory Towers. I still enjoy reading children's books but I can't choose a favourite! Recently I have enjoyed reading Ken Follett's Century Trilogy which tells the story of five families from the time of the first world war until the 1960s.  

Office Staff

Office Staff

Mrs Walker (left) is our School Business Manager and Miss Argo (right) is our Admin Assistant. They both love working at Bawtry Mayflower - in fact they love it so much they will be here until they retire!!!!

What is your favourite holiday destination?

Mrs Walker - I love going anywhere hot, as I love relaxing when I go on holiday!

Miss Argo - Scotland is my favourite place. I don't like the heat, which is a good job really as the sun very rarely shines in Scotland!

What is your favourite food?

Mrs Walker - my favourite food is pistachio ice-cream.

Miss Argo - my favourite food is anything with garlic in.

What do you like most about working at Bawtry Mayflower?

Mrs Walker - I think it's fantastic how welcoming the children are to new children and adults who come to our school. They always want to make friends with the new children straight away, which is lovely.

Miss Argo - I love the kind and caring nature within our school, from the children and the staff to the parents/carers and extended families. 

Mrs Walker - Acting Head Teacher

Mrs Walker - Acting Head Teacher

What is your favourite thing about working at Bawtry Mayflower?

The list is endless – I love working here! However, two of my favourite things are:

  • Our children- they are absolutely fantastic! They make me smile and laugh every single day and try so hard with their learning. I love going into classes and seeing the amazing work that they are doing.
  • Our staff- they are absolutely fantastic too! Their dedication to the children, relentless drive to provide the best education and even their competitive nature, makes me love being here.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

My favourite thing to do is spend time with my family - I love long, early morning walks with Mr Walker, our little boy and our dog.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

I LOVE Thailand. I love the culture, food and the people and I would happily live there if I could. 

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