Term Dates

Term Dates

Our term dates and holiday patterns are laid out in the below documents for you. 

School Holiday Pattern 2021-2022 (including training days).pdf

School Holiday Pattern 2022-2023 (1 training day still to be arranged).pdf

School Holiday Pattern 2023-2024 (training days still to be advised).pdf

The training days for the 2022-2023 school year are as follows:

Monday 5th September 2022

Tuesday 6th September 2022

Tuesday 3rd January 2023

Friday 26th May 2023

There is one further training day to be arranged. As soon as this has been agreed, we will let parents/carers know the date.

On training days, school will be closed to pupils

All the school holiday dates for the 2022-2023 school year are on the calendar on our school website. We will also update this calendar with any upcoming dates/events, in addition to providing this information on the weekly blog which is published on the 'Whole School News' blog section of our school website every Friday afternoon.

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